Bike Champ

You are always a competitive little boy while growing up, but that doesn’t mean that you can excel at everything and most of your friends laughs at you to become the bike champ.  They simply think that you don’t have what it means to get that far.  You have been a quitter in tour life and that is what they think of you.  This is the reason why they laugh at your dreams. You know that you need to prove them wrong somehow.  This is your chance as competition would fit you against the best of the best and you would earn some money too in the process.


When you  heard about the competition, you simply know that this is your chance to make a  name for yourself.  You know that this would silent most of your friend and make some money doing it. At least, you would make money if you are able to prove that you are the best of the best.  The price money is great that you can buy two new bikes should you be able to win this one.  There won’t be another chance like this for several years, so you agree to join or you would be broke for several years.


In this game, you need to beat the rest and prove that you’re simply the best to earn not only the title of the Campion, but also get the prize money. 


Your goal is to get to the finish line as fast as you can, but that won’t be easy with all the obstacles around.  You need to pass them if you want to win the prize money.  The game gets harder and get more difficult as you  make some progress, but that is the beauty of the game. It won’t be exciting without the obstacles that you need to pass.  Each level won’t be the same one like the last time as you would need to up your game if you want to stay competitive.

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Bike Champ