When you decided to love and began courting your wife, you got many promised and all of them include a great life. At least, that is what was most of the women are hoping to get in exchange for their lifetime bow to serve you. So, you court her for months, or maybe even years till the day she said her sweet yes. At last, you finally get what you want and you are very proud of it. Now, you need to plan for your family since that is where everything goes. Everyone wants to have a happy and peace loving family since that is the circle of life and there isn’t nothing wrong with that.

After a few months of getting engaged, you and your wife to be are able to save the much needed money in order to have a great life living as a family. That is hard concerning you would need to save lots of money with the money that you are making. She doesn’t have a job and you are just a regular employee and that is why, you do some part time work as a technician. You are able to use your expertise in computer to make some extra bucks. This is how you prove yourself, not only to your wife to be, but also your mother in law that you can provide for your family. Now, that her child is secured, she can finally let go of her and get her be with the man of her dreams.

During the first few months of the marriage, everything was going great and you are very proud of yourself. Seeing that you are getting somewhere makes you much proud since you are able to provide for your family. Honestly, that is not easy to do since you need to work two jobs at the same time. It is hard work, but your family is counting on your to bring the bacon.

However, there are something in life that you can’t prepare for. War has broken, no one would want it, but that is there now and you need to adjust with the situation. You are a family man and you need to keep your family safe. This is not the dream that you have with your family as you want to them to have a safe and great life. This is something unexpected, therefore, no one can prepare for this. You decided to defend your town from the invaders and since then learned the rules of war. unblocked is a very popular game that pits you against multiple players. You would be all alone in the scenario and your goal would be to eliminate the other players in a battle royale fight. It is best to customize your character since that would easily distinct you from the other players. There are more than customized maps, wherein you would need to survive. The idea is to be the last one standing, so you need to act fast and kill every other players that you encounter. You can’t make a mistake as they would do the something to you. It is better to eliminate them first before they can do it to you.

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