Drivetown Taxi

We all know that getting a job is not that easy since so much people are competing for the same jobs. Some are really skilled and they are the ones that get the priority most of the time.  But, if you are persistent and willing to learn the trick of the trade, you would get a job eventually. Of course, you need to learn first and that is why some people opt for a low paying job since they are not that skilled yet. When they learn then that is when they can up their asking price.  In a taxi job, you are not going to experience that since most people don’t even know how to drive or doesn’t have the license for it.  You would easily get it you got a license and have driven cars before.  You can get the experience from driving your friend’s car.

Once that you get the job, you need to learn where is the shortest and the farthest route to your destination because that would help you to earn more.  Of course, you do realize that you are using this to get more money from your passenger, so don’t talk about it when you have your passenger.  Otherwise, they might get out of your taxi because they felt that you are trying to make them a cash cow.

In this game, however, there are many ways to make money, you can either pick up the passenger and send them to their destination or just downright pick the cash form the road.  Of course, each level would be different and you need to follow the instruction to get to the next level. Also, in every level, there are three missions and you just need to pick one to unlock the next level. You can do the rest of the mission in the first level if you want.

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Drivetown Taxi