Mountain Hill 1

When you graduated from college, you thought that the world is yours for the taking and so did you find one of the best companies around. You really like the company and had worked there, till you got old.  As time passes, you thought of your retirement and honestly, this is something that you need to do since the company isn’t interested on employing you anymore. Soon, you retire and you bought an old houses way up in the mountain.  Now, the problem is that you don’t’ what lies beneath.  You need to get there and find out for yourself what is waiting for you up there.


Honestly, you didn’t know what to expect since the sellers isn’t interested in having his knowledge about the place.  He already said it that it is for you to find out.  The day finally came when you decided to visit the place up in the mountain. The trip there would take several hours and it is going to be a bumpy ride.  Little didn’t you know that there are some wild animals to where you are going and it did quite surprise you? But, what you didn’t expect to see is the abominable snowman.  Fortunately, the van is equipped with the latest defense system.


The idea in this game is to get to the mountain, but that would be a long time run so you need to focus on  how far you can go, for now.  There are coins along the way and you need to collect that so that you would be able to upgrade your truck. The more you upgrade the better chance for you to reach the mountain top.  The further you get the harder it would be for you and that is the challenge that you need to face.  The game gets harder and more exciting as you make some progresses.

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Mountain  Hill 1