Road of Fury 2

Cole barely escape from the gang, but he was happy that he got some compensation from them in the form of his new car.  Actually, they didn’t give it to him as Cole stole it.  Cole believes that he deserves the new car since they destroyed the old one that he was using.  The car is more powerful than he previously thought. He never plan it in the first place as he was trying to escape, he needed a car and that was he saw.  He never know that it was more than he bargained for since the car looks like the one that he was using. 

Now three months after the incident, he was more comfortable in it than previously. He learned a lot about the car since he drives it a lot.  He found out about the sophisticated weapon that is installed inside.  No matter that the gang wants it back. He knows that more than ever, the gang are going to target him since he got what they want.  Also, the fact that he had killed a lot of their comrade makes Cole one of their targets.  But Cole couldn’t care less as they are a bunch of troublemakers and he isn’t afraid of them.  Cole lost his family because of the gang and he is doing this as a sort of retribution against the gang.

While passing the highway, Cole noticed that someone is following him.  Soon their numbers increases as they are calling their comrades. Cole knows that this is the start of war between him and the gang.  He starts firing to reduce their number somehow. He don’t want them to gang on him since he is just alone.  Fighting, somehow he manage to get to another station wherein Jessica was waiting.  When Jessica found out that Cole is in the same boat, she never did hesitate to help him.  That was the start of a beautiful friendship.  Now they are two against the gang.  The odds are getting better since they are able to protect one another.

When Trevor heard about them, he joins them.  He was part of the same gang, but that was a long time ago and now he had parted ways with the gang.  Ever since then he became one of the targets of the gang.  He knows too much secret that must not get out so they are targeting them.  Both Cole and Jessica realizes that Trevor is now on the same boat so they readily accepted him. Besides the extra firepower would surely be helpful in winning against those bandits.



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Road of Fury 2