Super Smash Flash 2

Growing up in Brooklyn New York, the Mario brothers realizes that they need to work very hard so that they could be able to have a family one day. Life is really tough and you need to be tough when you are growing up in a harsh environment. Otherwise, the others kids would think that you are a push over and they would make it even harder on you. They would always pick up on you sine they think that they can push you are around and you are scared of them. You won’t be having the guts to fight back as you are afraid of them. If you help them, they would not think of it as an act of friendship, but as an act of cowardice and they would treat like shit.

Both Luigi and Mario realized this and since that day, they fight back against anyone that would like to push them around. The two brothers grow up to be a plumber and there is nothing wrong in their line of work. They are not robbing and harassing anyone to earn some money. They got an honest living and that is what really counts. The fact that they have been working hard to get the money that they need to feed their family is right. There is nothing to get shame at doing that is right.

One day, they were called to a house to troubleshoot the problem with the sink. They did the job and before long, they were sucked inside the sink. They fell asleep and when they woke up, they were in a new world. This world is nothing like the Brooklyn, wherein they grow up. This world ruled by the evil King Kuppa. The people can’t take it anymore and would want to overthrow the current ruler since their king is very corrupt and didn’t care about the Mushroom people. They got a princess, but Princess Peach can’t do something about the oppressive current king since she is just a princess and she can’t rule the kingdom.

When the Mario brothers got there, the people can’t defend themselves, so the bother took it upon themselves to act against King Kuppa. Kuppa deployed some of his finest troops to get rid of the bothers, but in the end, they were defeated by the Mario brothers. The people slowly got their courage and started some campaign of their own to fight the oppressing ruler. Of course, it is not that easy to win against the king, so they got some help from the brothers.

This unblocked super Mario flash 2 game is a collaboration of heroes, so you would be seeing and be able to use other heroes from other universe such as Pacman, Sonic and many more. You could choose among them and you would be using their abilities to fight against the opponent. No, there is no story on this game since the focus on it all id just pure fighting. You need to beat your opponent to a pulp to win. Each one of them got their own abilities and you need to use it well in order to win.

Rating: 4.12/5 - 17 Votes
Super Smash Flash 2