Tank Trouble 2

In life, you need to pursue your goal since that is the only way that you would get somewhere. If your goal is to get large amount of money then you need to work hard on it and it would surely come one day. You might find it hard when you were just a student, but you need to remember that everything would get better someday. At least, you need to focus on your studies as a young kid and when you are a grown up, you would see the fruits of your labor. It might sound ridiculous, but that is what you need to do in life, you just need to focus and you would get what you want in life.

When World War 2 was declared, you were just a boy and you want to live so you learn how to be a soldier. You need to learn a lot of things in order to defend not only yourself, but also your love ones. When you got accepted as a soldier, you learn how to pilot a lot of vehicles and that is important since the bad guys aren’t just going to hold guns in the battlefield. You would see them with tanks, machine guns and other powerful weapons that could easily wipe out the enemy at once.

During that time, there was a top secret weapon that the government was developing and it was a tank. This tank is not just like most tank that you would see elsewhere since it is the toughest tank and it is known as tank trouble. It has a computer on board and that separates it from the rest of the tank as this one has a computer inside it. It can help the driver to know what to do in times of trouble and that is the reason, it is called Tank Trouble. It is the country’s last hope against the oppressor and it is nothing more than a high-tech tank.

Should our soldiers gets defeated in battle then we can be sure that we would be slave for the invading forces. And god knows what they have in plan for us. We can be sure that it won’t be for the good since they just care about their country and they would get all the resources from this country. When nothing is left for us then the country would fall and we would never be able to get back up. This is the reason, why the soldiers are fighting so hard in this war as they want their country to be the hope of every citizen living there.

In this Unblocked Tank Trouble Game, the idea is to destroy the other tank that is in the battlefield. Both would be controlled by players, so you can expect that would be the case with the other player as well. Both of you are going to outwit the other. The bullet that you fire would bounce off the wall and that is making it harder for your enemy. You would need to avoid getting destroyed by the bullet while thinking of a way to counteract and possibly destroy the other tank.

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Tank Trouble 2