Taxi Gone Wild

Everyone needs to go somewhere, but we don’t all have cars that we can use.  Fortunately, we have some taxis that we can get whenever we need to go somewhere.  A taxi is the most vehicle that you could get into wherever you are in the world. All you need to do is to mention where you would want to go and you would be taken there.  Don’t worry since these guys are responsible drivers and they don’t want anything happen to their customers since you would be paying them and that is their job.  They won’t doing anything stupid since it is all about their job.  They would be so stupid if they are going to put their customers in danger.  Not only that their license to drive would be revoke if they ever do that, but they would also get a bad reputation. 


You have been in the taxi business for years now and you won’t even think of doing that to your customer.  You would want to get to the destination in as fast as you can.  If you need to take some shortcut then that would be good for you since you are paid when you get the customer to their destination. Sometimes you can charge more depending on the passengers. If they are from other countries then you can charge more sine they are willing to pay whatever the price is.


In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line in as fast as you can.  There would be other vehicles on the road and it would be a great idea if you won’t collide with them. Although colliding won’t damage your vehicle, it would certainly slow you down.  You have a limited gas and you can get more gas if you are ever to get to the destination in the least possible time.

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Taxi Gone Wild