Unblocked Minecraft

War brings destruction and lots of people would die in a war situation. You might be guessing that no one in their right mind would want war to happen. Well, you are wrong since the leaders of the country would sometime go into war since they know that they would get something out of it. Of course, the people would be the one who would suffer from it, but they won’t matter much since they won’t have a saying in it. It is the leaders of the nations that would want it since they would get richer. The winner would get even more lands from the loser of the war and in the process, they would be richer since they would get more tax from the losers.

It is the people that would pay the debt that would make the government rich. Some highly developed country would not want war since it is just a bothersome and many people would die. World War 1 and World War 2 was stared this way and the people are always on the receiving end. The winner gets the land and in the process gets richer. Of course, winning nation would get richer and the government would want their people to be happy and that is why, they would give lots of incentives to their people. This is the case with USA and that is why, many would want to move that country as most of their people gets lots of things from their government. A good example of this is that they have lower taxes. The government got lot of program for the people to have some jobs. They also protect their wildlife for their own people and the residents are getting the most out of it since the wildlife are for them only.

Perhaps, you might think that once war is over, everyone would be alright, but the horrors of war comes in the aftermath too since there would be landmines all over and whoever steps on them would lose a life. Those who got lucky would live another day, but they would have to live without one of their limbs. They would be crippled and worthless. Even if they manage to pull themselves back together, they would have a hard life as most of the things in life are done with a complete limb. Some people can be an ash hole as they would abuse and make fun of the crippled and for sure, you don’t’ want to be a cripple and experience that too.

This minecraft flash game is very low in graphics, but it is still very fun to play. Every time you start, there would be a random level. Everything in the game, you can destroy and dig up. The basic idea here is to craft something, so you would need to gather enough materials for that. Collect any materials that you would need to do that and keep on crafting. There would be zombies at night and you would want to prepare for that by collecting lots of materials.

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Unblocked Minecraft