Ace Gangster Unblocked

You weren’t a bight boy when you were a kid and thus, it was hard to get a job at all. You got some friends, but most of those guys are on the bad side, which means that they are the worst. They aren’t the brightest either, so they end up as some of the bad guys at the end of the day. You like hanging out with them since you are of the same kind and guys like them are always on the run. They might be either trying to get away from cops or is trying to get away from their kind, who they have done wrong in the past.

It is a hard life, but you don’t’ have a choice since that is your life now and you need to make money. You need their help since you just got kick out form the last job you have and now, your family needs you to provide for them. You know that these guys wont’ give you a decent job, but that is not your main concern right now. You are pretty desperate and you would want any job that you can grab. Your family wont’ have some =thing to eat, so you are really desperate for money and the guys knew where to find some money.

You got a call and they told you to go to Mad Alley City. When you got there, they told you hat to do. The guy told you to come to his office that day. You know that this is an opportunity so you tried to get there as fast as you can. You don’t have a ride, so you need something to get there pretty fast. At that time, you found a bike parked close so you grab it. You don’t’ know who owns it, but you don’t care since you are pretty desperate to get there. Along the way, you got an accident and when the other guy from the car gets out of his car, you drive it and run.

Soon cops are after you, but you manage to get away since you are a great driver and those cops can’t catch you. You knew that can’t get far with a hot car so you left the car and tried to get another one. At the parking lot, you found another car. But the problem is that there are security systems. You can’t get the security system to unlock so you got out there as fast as you can. The car is making too much noise and you don’t want any attention.

This game is called ace gangster unblocked and here, you need to get to where you need to be. You need to steal some car, but it won’t be easy since there are cops trying to get you depending on the situation you are in. Of course, you won’t get in that situation if you manage to not get in trouble earlier in the game. The idea here is to get to your destination and there are no timer. If you can get there without getting in trouble then it would be better.