American Racing

All of us need a job and the problem is that there is not enough job.  We would need to be competitive to find a job.  At some point we would need to use our talent to get a job.  Honestly, that is the best way to find a job since they know that you are an expert and that is what most employers are looking for.  If you got some talents then you need to highlight it in your resume because that would be a vital ground for you getting hired.  There is no point of having a talent if you are not going to use it.  If you got a talent in racing, you should apply for a race car driving job since that would be useful there.


Alternatively, you can enter a race without any sponsor.  You can’t get any sponsor at the start, so you would need to shoulder all the expense.  When you won some money make sure that you invest it on your car since that is your life blood.   You would get yourself in danger if you are not willing to invest on your car.  Alternatively, investing on your car would also get you some sponsor.  If you do well in your last race then someone would notice you and you would get a sponsor.


In this game, the idea is to win the race.  Well, if that is too hard for you and honestly, it is since you are just starting, your aim should be to be able to unlock the next race.   Anyway each race you enter too would surely get you a prize money.  It depends on your position on the race how much would you get.  The more you upgrade the better your performance you would have.  Of course, your performance would have something to do with your driving skills.