Beach Blaze

Everyone got their own dream as they want to have a happy family.  We have that thing to have a family since no one is an island and whoever lives alone would never find happiness.  That is the reason, we seek love from the opposite sex. Though, some people found love from the same sex, those are not permitted by the law and thus condemned by other people.  They are considered outcast because of the choices they make in their lives.  They may be happy with their lives, but other people would still of them as trash since not everyone would have a broad mind can accept their lifestyle.


Working all day would make anyone tired and sad.  We need some recreational activity because mankind cannot live on bread alone as we all need to have some fun and we can get that in a beach with one of our love one.   Not saying that having more than one would be better, but the fact that we have someone to care for would make us even more productive.  We would need some money to spend a day at the beach and that is why; we need to think about making money so that we can spend it in some recreational activity.


In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line as fast as you can.  There would be other competitors in this race and so you need to get there before they do.  There would lots of obstacle halting you.  You need to avoid them since they would eat most of your time.  You only have a limited stamina, so you would need all of your strength to get to the finish line.  Stay away from those hazards on the road since that would prevent you from finishing the race.  The game gets harder and more challenging as you to make some progress.