BMX Master

To be the best is tour quest and you would have to be the greatest if you want to achieve something in real life.  This is not only applicable to work, but also in almost anything that you want. You need to strive hard if you want to get something.  Guess is not a problem to you since you are always a hard worker and you work harder than the rest.  As a young man, you have achieved a lot of great things already, but you are not contented as you want to prove to the rest of the world that you are simply the best.  You don’t care about the money  that you can make from doing stunts since your parents are rich and you don’t’ have a problem with sponsors since your parents are always there for you.


When you realized that some people are unlucky and they do need to get some sponsor to pursue their dream, your first thought that they are pitiful, but when you encounter one off them, that perceptive about them suddenly change. Now, you want to be just like them and prove that you are the best in the world of bikes.  You got a new vision and you won’t let anyone else beat you since you got a dream too.  This is not all about the money as it comes as a bonus for a true master.


IN this game, you need to perform some stunts to be able to pass a level.  You need to be consistent at what you do since that is the only way that you can play and be competitive at this game. If you are not competitive then this game is not for you as it would challenge you to the very core.   The game gets more challenging as you make some progress. Are you ready for that and can you compete with the best of the best?