Boat Battles

No one would want war, but when it comes, we can’t do something about it. All we can do is to bear witness it. We just need to survive as long as we can since the sun would shine on us one day. That is for sure. There is always a rainbow after the rain and that would be the time to rejoice. When World War 2 came, no one like it, but since they don’t’ have the choice, they can’t do anything about it. It is a decision made by the president of the invading nation and not the normal citizen.

During that time, war is done by sending soldiers or machines of war to the nation they want to invade. They would destroy anything that would oppose them, would it be coming from land or seas, you can bet on it that they would destroy it. They want to demoralize the country and for that, the best way is to strike first and hard. When they are able to neutralize the navy, they would have a 75 chance of winning since most of the strength of the nation comes from the seas. Once they got rid of the threat, it would be easier for them seize the country.

In this game, the idea is to destroy ships. You would need to deploy your ship too. This game is about guessing as you would need to guess where rival countries naval force would be. You need to click on that area and bombard it till it is fully destroyed. You can lay with a friend or with a computer and you can bet on it that they too would have a hard time guessing on where your naval fore are. The first one to sink all of the enemy ships would win the war.