Burnin Rubber

Growing in a slump area, you know that it would be hard for you to get your dream. You need to work hard to fee your family. When your parents died, you know that you need to step up since your siblings are looking up to you. You are their role model and they would need your support to get their dreams. Times passes by and soon all of your siblings are happily living their lives. You got your own family as well and they are very supportive to your dream so your wife encourage you to pursue your dream. It is dangerous, but that would make you happy.

You know that you can’t support your own hobby since that would be too expensive so you applied as a race car driver to one of your longtime friend. Your friend knew you well and that you have a potential in the world of racing. After sometime of practicing, you finally become good at it. Though, it is expensive, your friend knows that he would get back his money’s worth as you are a born racer. When you heard about the race that would be held, your first thought about it was you don’t want to join since it is unlike normal race. In this race, you could die. The risk is far too great, but after sometime, you are able to find the courage to race.

In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line. However, that won’t be as easy as you think since there is danger all around you. You have your own weapon attached to your car. You need to keep on shooting the other vehicles otherwise, you might crash from one off it. If your car gets too much damage then your journey would be over. There are some power boost that you could get on the road which would help in your campaign.