Cannons And Soldiers

No one would in their right mind would want war because everyone knows that it is a destructive thing that most people would be the casualty. Unless, you are part of the government, you won’t want war since they are the only ones that would gain from it. As a rule of the thumb, the winning country will seize the land and its riches. That is the most valuable reason, why anyone would want to go to war. It is because they want to fight for something like most leaders would say to you in the battlefield. That is just bullshit and everyone should know that by now. History repeat itself and people are getting knowledgeable.

Sadly, you can’t do anything about it as you are just a citizen of your small country. You have no right to oppose it, so you should support it else, you would be thrown to jail. Fortunately, you are not a soldier that are trained to go into war every time some countries would want war to your country. It is their sole duty to protect the land. When they are killed in the battlefield, the other force would ravage and claim the land. It would now belong to the other country as that is their right upon winning.

This game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to bombard the enemies with your cannon. You need to aim it at the enemy for you to destroy them. However, it won’t be that easy since the control are just simply hardtop manage. You would need a good mouse in order for you to win in this game. You would be controlling the cannon so you are the one that would dictate the outcome of the game. Of course, if your mouse isn’t working well then you need to get a better one else, you would really lose in this game.