Car Dump Parking

Garbage is a real problem in the city and so as parking space.  Everywhere you do, you would see a lot of those two.  Most of the time, you can see garbage in most parking area. As if, the owner don’t have some sort of garbage can in the area.  The car owners would just dump their garbage everywhere and so are the passersby.   Some parking area might have an attendant that would clean the area, but since there are lots of car owners probably doing this, the attendant would not be able to check it out.  So, the garbage is a real problem. It makes the area filthy and would not be an attractive area, therefor les customers would park their vehicle.


That is why, dumpsters are made and it is just right for anyone to throw their garbage there.  There is a garbage truck that would collect that in time. Perhaps, monthly collection is enough, but that truck won’t be able to collect the garbage in the area if it is not properly put in the dumpster.  The garbage collector don’t have that responsibility.  We should be responsible enough to throw the garbage at the garbage bin.  It would make out environment much more fun to live with.


In this game, the garbage is not the problem, but has something to do with the garbage.  There are lots of garbage truck in the parking area and it is making the driveway unsafe for most car owners.  You need to park as many cars as you can within a small allotted time. You can have an extension if you are able to get some time.   There are a lot of wall clocks running in the area and all you need is to do is to drive through it.   The game ends when there are no more time.