Carbon Auto Theft 3

Nowadays, a degree in college doesn’t guarantee you anything since there are too many graduates and they are all competing for the same position.  However, a skill can get you almost anywhere. You didn’t’ graduate from college, but you have been car thief ever since, so you know your way around cars.  You’re considered one of the best in the industry, thus, your name is very popular, but you know that if you want to make it big in the industry, you need the right contact or you might not go far. Having someone to back you up means less hassle on your part. Though, your income per car is less than when you are operating alone, you can concentrate on what you do best.


As a car thief, everyone knows you and you are in danger if you are going to operate alone. You are able to find a partner, but he just wants in the selling part, but never on the gruesome stuff. This guy invests his money and would not want to get into trouble with the cops. He invest while you do the job for both of you.  This is the trend nowadays and there is nothing that is going stop that. If one of you gets caught then he better not tell about the other since they are both going to suffer.


In this game, you need to steal a car for your buyer.  Now, you don’t need to worry about where to sell the car since you already have a buyer. You just need to concentrate on the stealing part. Most of the cars are in the parking lot and you need to steal it. From then on, you need to drive it as smooth as possible. If you get busted then your character would go to jail.