Carbon Auto Theft Game

The world is so tough for those who didn’t make it to everyone, but it tougher to those who didn’t’ make it to college. They don’ know anything and are considered as trash in the society. Most people would not even look at them since they think that they are better.  That is the sad truth about this life and you need to work hard to gain some trust.  This is the reason why many would do something bad and this is the path that you did in order to provide for your family.  You don’t have a choice since your family need you.


However, the bad thing is that the law don’t’ recognize your reason and that might be the thinking of everyone since you are just a criminal.  In this world, you need some connections else, you can’t do anything.  Since you didn’t graduated, your only job is to steal cars.  If you got arrested then you can be sure that you would rot in jail.  You can’t afford that, so you become among the best car thief in the world.  The bad thing about being a thief is that your life is at risk every time you are going to steal some car.  You can be shot anytime and they don’t give a damn about you since you are just a criminal.


The idea in this game is to escape with the car in your possession.  You can’t scratch it a bit since you are going to be busted.  Your character would slowly walk to the target car and you would need to disable the alarm, else you would be busted.  You need to do it precisely as you can’t get to the next level if you can’t do that.  The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress.  Are you up to the challenge and can you escape in time.