Emergency Car Wash Game

Sure, your brand new car looks good when you buy it, but it builds some dirt when you use it.  As time goes by, the car.  That is something applicable to a car, even if it is something that is use for the service section such as the patrol car, ambulance, and fire truck.  We need to understand that things like this are just normal and we do need to make sure that we take care of the vehicle to ensure that it works not only properly, but also in good condition.  Sure, they might look good once they are bought, but things like that won’t last long.


The police car, fire truck and ambulance are all government owned vehicles. And because of this, they are surely being taken care of since the government would assigned someone to clean them up regularly.  The government would have the budget for this as these vehicles are meant for the service section and they would be crazy if they don’t take care of it.  The people would like to see that the service section would be well taken care of in order for them to have a neatly look. 


In this game, there are three cars that you need to take care of and they need to be cleaned one at a time.   First task involves picking up the things that you would need and they should be done in order.  Otherwise, you won’t make any progress.  After you have clean it, you would need to fix it so that it would look nice and work properly.  Once that you have one that then you would move on to the next part and that is to do it all over again to the next vehicle. Don’t’ forget that this game is time restricted and you do need to do it fast.