Fireboy and Watergirl

Fireboy and Watergirl are super heroes with the opposite powers, but it doesn’t make them enemies as they both like fighting bad guys. For, those bad guys should belong to jail and that is the reason why they stick together. With those two around, those bad guys don’t stand a chance. Even if they don’t mix together, they both believe in justice and both of them are good at crime fighting. Being different doesn’t make anyone enemies as they could work things out and figure out a way to co-exist. That is what Watergirl and Fireboy did and they have been friends since then.

In their quest to fight bad guys, they have met and have conquered lots of enemies. This makes them a notorious tandem as the bad guys are after them and they won’t stop till the two are out of their way. They know that both of these guys would be a pain in the ass and that is the reason that they would want to get rid of them. When the two heroes heard of the treasure being found in the Forest Temple, they knew that bad guys would be going there to acquire. The two heroes need to stop them since those bad guys would just use the treasure for evil deeds.

In this game, the idea would be to get to the other side, but don’t think that you could easily do that. Given the condition that both are elementals, there are things that they can’t do to which the other can do without a problem. Your goal is for both characters get the door and in order to do that, you would need to use them both. Make sure that won’t sending WAtergirl to the firepit and Fireboy to the pool since they would die instantly. You would be controlling both of them.