First Aid Parking

No one want to get an accident, but that is something unexpected.  Let’s just hope that when you do have one, you would be prepared for that.  You should know what to do in administering the first aid treatment. Now everyone have the knowledge in administering it, so as much as possible, you need to avoid doing something that would get you in an accident.  Of course, we all understand that an accident is something unexpected and it would happen regardless of us taking all the necessary precautions.  Thankfully, there are hospitals around whenever we need one.


However, in a war situation, you can’t expect to find them that easily since most people are hiding.  Your best bet would be a soldier that specialize in medical.  They would come to your aid and would treat you, whatever injury you have. You should take note that this would be dangerous for them since they might be targeted by the enemy and that they are risking their lives trying to save you.  You should give them the respect that they need.  These guys dedicate their lives in saving others and would not hesitate to save you regardless of whether they would get something in exchange from doing it.


You need to get to your destination as fast as you can since there is a timer. You would lose the game once your time runs out. However, it doesn’t’ give you the right to be careless and let your car to get damage.  Your car would get damage if you hit anything along the way. Yi need to drive with care in mind.  That is the only way that you can get to your destination safely.  An arrow would guide you there, so you won’t be lose.  Once, that you have parked your car to the destination, a new one would appear and this would be the last.