Flip the Gun

If you are going to carry guns, make sure you got the license since it would get you arrested. At some point, you might get yourself shot by a cop since you are considered a threat to society. Remember not to bring it outside of your home since people would be scared and they would start panicking. Guns are only meant to be use in self-defense, so carrying one is not something that you should be doing. You need to conceal your gun otherwise people would get scared of you and they would report you to the authority. Now, in the old West carrying guns is permitted by the law and they usually use it to carry on their gun fights.

The law came from sheriffs and people got some guns for protection. If they got into a fight, they would settle things out with a gun fight. That usually result to one of them dying, but sometimes, both died from a fatal shot. As time went by, people become more civilized and they didn’t’ settle things with a gun fight. Whenever some people are out to make some troubles, there are cops around that we can count on and they are permitted to carry guns around the neighborhood.

Don’t worry since you won’t be using gun to kill people. It would be used as a tool for some demonstrations. The idea here is to shoot the coins, but you can’t hold the gun steady since it is thrown around and it would be on air. You need to act quickly since the moment that the gun dells on the floor, the game would be over. This is a hard game since there is no way to control the gun except by shooting it. You need to be wise and know when to shot since that would propel the gun even higher and you would move on the finish the game.