Grand Prix Hero

Growing in a small community, everything seems to be so vast and the world is more than your small community. You learned to be tough since the other kids are going to beat you up if you are not going to fight back. They would just abuse you because they know that you are not going to fight back. That is the society wherein you live in. You need to be tough else, they would think that you are scared of the ad n they are going to use and abuse you. They are not after something as they just want to please themselves and to be called tough.

You grow up and learned that you need to have a job to be able to feed yourself and your love one. No one else would do it for you since everyone is too busy with their own lives. It is your responsible and it is what you need to do on your own. You gained some friends and one of them eventually teaches you how to drive a car. In time, you become a taxi driver, but when you discover the world of racing, you r tried it and won. It was an amazing experience and you learned to like it since it gives you a huge amount of money.

This is a racing game and naturally, the idea here is to win the race. This game is played with a keyboard. The race would be held all over the world, so you would be travelling from one country to another one. There would be some coins to collect and you would be needing it to upgrade your car. The more you upgrade the better your performance would be. You don’t have to win the race to get join another one since you would be able to participate even if you don’t win the other one.