Gta 5 Games

You are a silent man and you don’t want to pick up a fight, but if you have too, you know that you would go. When some gangster arrive in your town and began harassing your family, you decided that it is about time that you do something about it.  Reporting them to the police would not do since the cops are afraid of them. As a former military, you receive some training that you can use against the gangster. One day, you decided to go on a rampage and start shooting the punks on the street. It is not easy, but you can’t take it anymore.


You grab your gun and when you see them, you let them have it. It is too much and you can’t take it anymore, something must be done and there aren’t many like you that have the courage to stand against the gangsters. As you stand against them, you know that some other would do the same and would rise against those gangster. They just need someone to lead them to battle and they would rise up to the challenge. At first, you thought that it is a losing battle, but some people do support you and they show it by giving you food and bullets.  Soon, they would have the courage to stand up directly against the oppressor.


In this game, you would be running around with an Uzi on your hand. The gangster would be riding bikes, helicopter and vehicle.  They would shoot at you the moment that they see you, so start shooting and take them down. You need to kill them before they can kill you.  Don’t worry about bullets since you have an unlimited supple of it in this game. Grab some power up as that would make your gun more powerful.