Gta 5 Game

The story starts with some kids going to their school. Of course, they want to be in school since there is lots of fun. They got teachers and friends that seems to make their stay at the school much more enjoyable.  However, the sad truth is that they are not really safe there as there are some bad elements that are always watching them from afar.  Recently, something drastic happened as one of the students that is attending school got kidnapped.  It was fast and the teachers didn’t know till it was too late.  They can’t do anything about it and the parents are so sad.  The only logical thing to do was to contact the police, but even they haven’t a clue about the whereabouts of the kid.

 GTA San Andreas Online

They asked the help of a private eye, who was adept in that kind of job.  He would stop at nothing to save anyone or investigate anyone.  The parent s know that he is the only one that could save their kid.  They give all the details that concerned the kid. They are also waiting when the kidnappers would attempt to call them, but they got disappointed as no one was calling.  2 weeks have passed and the kidnapper finally called them. At that time, the inspector was with them listening to every details.


In this game, you need to save the kid. You need to follow along the game since it would lead you to the kid.  The game is played with a  keyboard and you need to go to where the story tells you as that would lead you to the whereabouts of the kid.  You need to communicate with a lot of people in this game as they would tell you anything that they know and that is how to play the game.