GTA: Car Thief Parking

You have been a car thief for most of your life, but recently, you decided to work with a group because its much safer and you world have some backups.  It means that you would actually make more.  Sure, you would need to steal more cars for them, but it would be safer and you can concentrate on what you do best – stealing cars.  As a veteran car thief, it doesn’t take you long before your talent got noticed by one of the crime boss of the car stealing world. He immediately tried to employ you within their own group. Now, you just need to prove that you are what they thought you are and you would make even more money.


Your new boss want to test you out if you are really what they thought you are.  Your job is to steal a fortune car, which are among the best cars in the world. If you screw this up then you would not get the job. If you can’t the job then there is no chance that you would make more money even if you are able to get some clients. The group is your only chance to a life of luxury. There is no one that would rise if they don’t know where you go to.


In this game, you need to steal the car and you might get through other cars before you can steal the one that you need to.  In other word, you need to get on and get off lots of cars.  You would need to park the other car to one corner so it won’t be a hindrance while you are driving off with the car that you are stealing.  You need to do it quick since this game is all about time and you would fail the game if you can’t do it within the minimum time.  Try not to crash the car since you would fail if the car takes too much damage.