GTA Crime City Game

If you don’t want to join them then you need to beat it up for good as they won’t leave you alone, that is for sure.  For them, if you can’t exist with them, you must be an enemy and they aren’t going to give you a reason to let them be since they would go after you all out. That is the thing with this gangs as they don’t want any competition in the area and you need to be one of them to hang out with them. If you work alone then you would be seen as a threat to their organization. They would try to kill you as they are scared of you.

At least that is what going to happen if you stick in a city that is full of criminals. You either job or leave the place or else everything would be troublesome for you.  It’s them or you and you don’t want to go down on without a fight so it is best that you hunt all of them one by one, but if you can do it outright then do it.   They would give it all our and they aren’t going to back out form you, so it is best that you do the same or you would find yourself dead.


In this game, you are top guy and you aren’t going to back out from anyone even if that means killing all the mobs in the area.  This game is played both with a mouse and a keyboard.   The idea here is to kill all the gang members in the area, otherwise they would surely kill you up.  The game would be easier if you have a tank on your side and luckily you have one at the start of the game, so you better use it to your advantage since there would be a lot of enemies nearby.