Everyone wants peaceful and happy life. That is the reason we work hard for our ream since that is the choice that we can make in life. No one can take that away from us. If we have a dream then you need to pursue it until it come true. However, there are things in lie that we can’t control and for that, all we can do is bear witness to it all. You live a normal life and you can’t ask for anything more since you have it all. At least, that is what you thought that is what important for you. However, there are things that we can’t control.

You never dream that the day would come when all your dream would be nothing more than just to survive. When the first zombie was released on this world, people thought that he was just sick or something so they took pity on it. Little they did know that their pity would be their wrong doing. The zombie bits a lot of people, who in turn become zombies soon. Soon, the whole city was filled with zombies and the governments gets alarmed. Understanding the urgency, they let the people make money out of the situation since for every zombie that they would kill, some money would be awarded to them. This become a national sport and you are one of the best in the industry.

In this game, the idea is to kill zombies. You would start out with the most basic weapon – piece of wood. You need to clear out the zombies in a level before you can make it to the next level. Each zombie kill would make you money. As you make some progress, you could get some access to powerful weapon and you can pick it out while battling the zombies.