Hello Kitty Roller Rescue

Kitty wants to hang out with her friends all the time, but she knows that it can’t be since all of them got their own life.  They got their own responsibilities and someone would suffer if they can’t do their job. Kitty knows that her friends would need to do their job so that they would get paid in time.  However, her friends can still play when they have their day off and everyone agreed to have a race in a month.  Everyone seems to be preparing for the race as they all have their own practice session, which they kept secret since they like to have an advantage over their friends.


IN the race, it self, Kitty and her friends show up with their roller skates. Each one of them is hoping to win the race. The prize money is not that high, but it come from the contributions of all their friends. Of course, the winner would take all the prize money and the loser gets none. That is how it is meant to be and that would make things much exciting in the race.  Kitty promises herself to get something that day and she is determine to get it somehow.


IN this game, the idea is to get to the finish line first. You would need to beat all the other participants in the race. Of course, you would go against the computer and the AI wont’ be that easy to beat.  You would need to do your beat if ever you want to win the race. You would get something in the race, so do your best and keep those skates rolling all the time.  Those AI would really give you a competition and you would be beaten if you are not going to do your beast.  The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress.