Master of Parking

Parking is such a problem for many that they don’t want to buy their own vehicle.  At least, that is one of the major concerns of those who already have their own vehicle.  Anything could go wrong while they are attempting to park their car.  They might encounter another car or something bizarre like a runaway trolley.   To tell you the truth, the last one never happens in real life. Perhaps the last one could happen in video games or something like that, but never is a reality.  Perhaps, it could happen in an action movie wherein some people push the cart in front of a moving vehicle.


Of course, you would know if someone is a master if he is able to dodge anything thrown at him.  In this case, a moving push wheel from a supermarket. Of course, that is peculiar as nothing like that could happen in real life.  But, if that thing happens in front of you then would you be able to dodge it while driving.  Well, at least those who are able to do this has practice a lot since that is something unusual. It might not cause that big damage to a car, but if you have seen something like that happening then you might not know what to do.


In this game, something like that is happening and to top it all, there are no arrows that would guide you to the way.  You need to find it alone. In order to do that, you need to drive around the parking area and look for rive way that is free.  No, you can’t park at those parking space for the needy since that is reserved for the handicap people.   The game gets harder and more difficult as there would be more of that wheels patrolling the area.  It might not put you down, but those wheels can really put some damage to your car.