Naruto Ultimate Challenge

Naruto is always hard at training since he knows that in his line of work, he can die anytime. When he got defeated, there is no assurance that his enemy would let him live.  Most of his enemies are killers and they would take no hostage.  They are not like Naruto and his friends, who bothers to take some hostage.  They hope that they can be friends when all things are said and done.  In this ninja world, enemies are meant to die since they fear that the enemy ninjas would take their life someday.  It would be better if they would kill them since that is the way of the ninja.


However, Naruto is different from them as he believes that all can change their way and they can be friends someday. It would be nice it all ninjas take up the way of thinking of Naruto, but that isn’t the case. Naruto knows this and who doesn’t like to bother with it since he can’t accomplish anything. Naruto likes riding his bike and this could be challenging to some, but since he is a ninja, this is nothing for him. It is just like any regular day wherein he fights other ninjas.  It is just that in this activity, no one would die. 


In this game, you won’t be fighting other ninjas and that sort of stuff.  Instead, you would be riding a bike and the idea is to safely get to your destination in as fast as you can.   The game is very challenging since the obstacle course are out of this world.  One that can be seen only in the ninja world.  However, you must not let it stop you as your quest is to get to the finish line as fast as possible.  There is a timer and you need to get to the finish line before it stops.