OK Parking 2

For most of us, we would rather pay for the fees of the taxi or bus to get to somewhere, but for those who are rich, they would want to own their own car as that would be better since it is much more convenient.  You can use it anytime you wish and can go to somewhere in less than no time.  However, if you own a car then you would need to learn how to drive and that would be a problem for anyone just learning the tricks.  It would be better to learn it from the pros as they would be around to save the day if there is trouble.


After you have bought the car, your driver got AWOL and that is a big problem for you since you don’t’ have a driver.  In other words, you need to learn it fast or the car can’t be use.  In just a few days, your family would want to go on a camping trip and the problem is that there are no driver.  How can they get there?  Of course, before that, you would need to practice lots as that is the only way to improve your driving skills.


In this game, the idea is to park the car to the parking space. You have limited time to park the car and you won’t get to the next level if you have not done it right.  As the game progresses, the game become more and more intense, which means that it become more challenging.  You have to do it right as that is the only way that you can get somewhere.  If you think that this game is for you then try it and experience the thrill of driving a car.  Just make sure that you are not going to hit something along the way and you would get to the next level little by little.