Parking Algebra

Back in high school, your teacher told you to master Algebra because it is a requirement in college.  You graduated in high school because you listened well to your teacher’s teaching.  If you were not to master that then you might fail high school and wouldn’t be able to go to college.  If you got to college, it is assumed that you know algebra.  Even if you are not a master of such subject, you would gain some knowledge. It is needed in college since some subjects would need that.  If you want to be a programmer then you would need some sort of knowledge from algebra since you would need an equation.


After graduating college, you might thought that it would be the end of your algebra since you are not a math teacher, but you must know that you can use that knowledge in your daily life.   You got yourself a job, but since you are just a newly graduate, you are not able to land the job that you wanted.  You become a parking attendant and your job is to park the cars in the parking space. You need to make sure that you are not going to put a dent on those cars or you might lose your job.


In this game, you would need to use what you learned in school and your job as a parking attendant.  You don’t need to command the guy as you would need to drive the car to where it is needed. To give you some clue on where to park the car, you would need to do some addition.  The answer would be the one that you need to park the car is.  You need to do it in a hurry since there are lot of cars that needed to be parked in each level.  The game gets more difficult as you make some progress.