Running Jack

What would you do if you are told to run as fast as you can? Perhaps you would do as told without questioning it. Of course not, the first logical thing to do is to ask question. If it angers the one that told you so then so be it. Don’t do it as that is a stupid thing to do. You only have to answer to yourself and you would never have to answer for anyone. You are the one making your decision and you alone should suffer if something wrong happened to your life. Don’t let others dictate what to do since they won’t care about you. Remember that you are the one making your fortune.

Well unfortunately, jack doesn’t have the same option since all he can is to dun fast. There are a lot of booby trap and he need to get to the other side of the wall else, something bad might happen to him. Well, at least, that is what he believes. He knows that he needs to keep on running and avoid the booby trap waiting for him. He was on the track and field team when he was younger so he knows this kind of stuff. However, this time it would be dangerous to commit mistake since it is his life on the line.

In this game, you would help old Jack to get out alive. There are some coins that you need to collect and other things to get in this game. You need to stay alive as long as you can since the longer you stay alive in this game, the more rewards you would get. With the money that you collect, you would be able to improve your stats thus, your gameplay would be better than before. The game gets harder, but more exciting as you play the game even more.