Rush Hour Motorcross

You like thrill in your life as you once compete in some competition all over the world.  In other words, you are a professional race biker.  The thrill to doing some stunts with your bike keeps your blood flowing.  It is the same excitement that you feel every time you are participating in some bike stunts. Of course, since you are a professional rider, no one complains what you are doing.   Everything that you do is part of the act thus, you are getting paid for what you do.  However, nothing is permanent in this world as there would come a time that you need to get a new profession.  Time passes and you find yourself working as an employee for a company.


It is already late and you haven’t been able to get to the office.  Your boss would be mad if you came late.  The sad thing is that the traffic isn’t cooperating.  There are traffic everywhere and if things don’t go better soon, you might end up being late again. Every day, it is like that when you go to the office.  One time, your boss got fed up and issued an ultimatum.   If you can’t get to the office on time then you would lose your job.  The next day, you find yourself in a familiar scene and you know that you would lose your job this time.  You decided to get on top of those vehicles since that would be faster.


In this game, the whole idea is to get to the finish line, but there won’t be any finish line waiting for you.  You need to drive your bike on top of those vehicles.  There would be a cop on one of those vehicle and he would chase you.  You need to move quick so you won’t get busted.