Super Mario Bros Flash

Mario is the plumber that manage to get to the pipe portal, which leads to a new world.  At first, everything was as scary as the people there are very different, but soon enough he finds out who the enemies are and who his friends are. When he met princess Peach, he got oriented on what is happening in the Mushroom kingdom. He then promised to help in any way he can to get rid of the evil tyrant King Kuppa.   In time, he mange to overthrow the evil tyrant and has since live a happy life, but then the brother of Kuppa showed up and he wants revenge.


In case, you didn’t know, Mario first appeared as the protagonist in the game Donkey Kong.  At that time, he was called Jumpman and is wielding a hammer.  In the story, Donkey Kong Kidnap his girlfriend, Pauline and hold her hostage in a cage. Mario went into save him and eventually defeat Donkey Kong.  Then in Donkey Kong 2, he is the antagonist. Donkey Kong is inside the cage and Mario is holding him there.  Donkey Kong Jr wants his dad to be free and Mario would want to stop him.


In this game, however, Mario is the hero again and the idea here is to get to the portal that would lead to a different rod. The only enemy here are the man-eating plants and they can be seen in most pipe.  But, there would be times that they would appeared from out of nowhere. If you want to be sure, observe the area carefully before making a move.  In this game, you need to collet some coins since that would lead an additional life later in the game.  The game gets more intense and exciting as you make some progress.