Super Mario Racing

When friends get together, you can expect that there would be a lot of bragging. Each one has their own story and they would never want to see someone hogging all the attention for themselves.  They want in the action and they would never want to be out of place. That is what just happened to Mario and his pals. Though, they might be enemies in the past, but things change and they need to work it out somehow since they needed to go on with their lives.  It’s time for them to have a different lives, but one thing for sure, they would not want to let anyone get the credit.


Mario and his friends got a lot of arguments on who is the best among them and they have decided that it would be best to settle it with a race.  Each one of them got their own gear that they would want to show-off.   They believe that they have the best and want to prove it to the others.  There is no way that anyone of them admitting that someone’s car is better than them without a fight.  For them, getting to win the race is a proof that they are the best and all of them want’s in.


In this game, the idea is to win the race.  You can unlock the next level if you manage to get to the finish line in the third position.  Of course, the prize would be according to the position that you got.  In this game, you can use all sorts of weapon as they would be available for you to use the moment that you manage to get one of those stars on the driveway.   The weapon that you would get would be randomized as you can’t do anything about that.  Using each one would be different, so try to get familiar with each one.