Taxi Truck 2

Taxi drivers are among the roughest people on the road since they need to. If you are too soft then other people would just abuse you.  They don’t care about you and would often bully you. They would thought that you are scared of them just because you don’t say anything.  While your parent might thought not to fight back, there are stances wherein you need to fight and usually it is those bully that you need to stand up against to. If they think that they can push you around then they would harass you more and more. In time, they would not just harass you as they would really hurt you. Not saying that you do need to become a bully yourself, but giving them a taste of their own medicine would surely put some sense into their mind that you should not be picked up.


As a taxi driver, you need to drive fast since you would want to reach the destination as fast as you can so you can pick more passengers along the road. You are not paid by the hour so you need to maximize your time and earn as much money as you can from driving.


In this game, the idea is to get to the finish line as fast as you can.  There would be trouble on the road as the road is filled with lots of vehicles, which would be your obstacle. They are not moving, but those vehicle would give you a hard time and might cause your taxi to flip. Aside from that, the terrain is really hard and give you a hard time.   You need to have a control over the taxi as that is the only way to make sure that you can reach the finish line without damaging the truck. The taxi has a life meter and when all those meter life is gone then you lose the game.