The Fast and the Fineas

Phineas and Ferb grew up together, they are the best of friends aside from the fact that they are step-brothers.  They live in the city of Danville, where most of their adventures takes place.  No, those adventures are not average since most of the adventures are dangerous and it is a wonder how to the toe manage to get away.  They have an older sister by the name of Candice, who seems to have an obsessions in busting their schemes and ideas. The second one is to win the attention of his crush.  What the two might not know is that their pet platypus is a secret agent and he aims in fighting the schemes of the evil doctor.


Both kids are smart for their age as they both got ideas most of the time. Ferb is the quiet one while Fineas talks a lot. The two of them get along together since the other one listen while the other one talks a lot.  Over the years, they have made their friendship deeper as they have shared a lot of adventures.  Even though, it is a cartoon show, it aims at adult audience since it is more on the mature side.


In this game however, you would need to raise against the other.  Of course, there is another choice to raise against a friend.  You can choose between the two main characters and prove that you are the best. Anyway, since the two are just kids, you can only use a small car controlled by the brothers with the remote control.  The idea is to cross the finish line three times and you need to do that ahead of the other.  There won’t be any game level as that is the whole game, but you can definitely play it again.