Timber Lorry Driver

As a truck driver, you know your stuff since you have been doing for 2 years now and you have become a master of driving large vehicles like a truck. But, it doesn’t mean that you don’t encounter problems on the road at times.  Now that you have been accepted as a new truck driver for the logging company, you would need to transport large logs to another area as fast as possible.  You have the experience, so this won’t be that hard for you and the company knows that they can rely on your skills.  The guys have fallen a tree down and now it is your turn to work on it. You need to put the log at the back of your truck and transport it to where it would be needed.


You better take care of your cargo or you might now make it till Christmas.  You would be fired instantly if you made a mistake since you are only a new guy. The company would not need someone incompetent to do the job.  There are a lot of guys looking for job and it won’t take long for the company to get another worker.  You need to prove that you are the right guy for the job to be able to keep it for a long time.


In this game, the idea is to get from one point to another.  At the start of the game, you would need to get to where the log is and you need to pick it up, but you don’t need to o the last part since your only concern is to get to that area in as fast as you can.  Afterwards, you’ll need to deliver the log to another area, where it would be use. Try not to crash the truck or you might not make it to your destination as the truck would be broken before you get there.