Tom Beach Parking

In today’s world everyone is so busy that they tend to forget to have some fun. Most of the time, you would be too busy with your work that you would forget about your family and they would have some ill feeling with you.  That is the main reason why you need to have some good time with them since they are your family and in the end, no one would care and help you if you got into trouble.  Your family are the ones that you would be running too if something goes wrong.  You need to be friends with them since they would be the last ones to walk out on you.  If you got some argument with them, you need to patch things up and there is no better places to do that than in the beach since you would be enjoying the places.  Your heads would get cooled by the water.


If the summer time is too hot then the one thing that can cool you up is the beach.  When Tom learned that his girlfriend want to go to the beach to have some fun, he decided to go there too since he don’t want to leave his girlfriend up alone with those people looking at her.  He would need to be there to make sure that she would be safe and that he can protect her no matter the cost.


The idea in this game is to park your car, but you would need to look for it first.  Don’t’ worry as you would have an arrow sign pointing your to the right direction so you would get lose in the game.  Like any car games, you would need to be careful while driving since there would be some hazards along the way and you don’t want to get into an accident.  Once that you have park your car in the parking spot then you can press the space bar to end the game.