Ultimate Street car Racer

If you want to be one of the nest, you need to hang out with the best. If you want to become a race car driver then you need to hang out with some of the best in the industry. They might not teach you something, but by hanging out with them, you would learn something from them.  You would be there to see what they do in case, there are trouble and so you would be one of them.  In short, you would become among them and would be admire someday. You might not reach their level, but some people would admire you since in their eyes, you are among the best.


And so, you manage to get some of the best racers as your friends.  You are not among them, but by treating them well and befriending them, you are able to reach out with them. It might be hard to become one of them at first since they like to hand out with some of the best racers in the world and you are not among them. In time, they have learned to accept you and you have learned how to become them as you become friends with them.  That is the reason, why you need to hang out with someone you want to become someday as you would learn something from them that would be beneficial for you.


In this game, you need to be the best and beat out the rest of the participants. You need to reach the finish line first and get to the other level.  Before that, you would need to learn the basics of the game and for that, you need to read the walkthrough or the “How to Play” instructions.   Before you start, you need to choose what type of car you would like to use, there are three choices and all of them can be the best if you know how to drive them.