Unbock Ambulance Car

There is no assurance that nothing would happen on us if we go out of house as an accident is something that you can’t predict.  Actually, you could have an accident right in your own home and there is no guarantee that all those safety precautions would help you. Those things would lessen the occurrence, but is not a guarantee that would keep you away from harm’s way.  When an accident strike, it is important that you know some first aid as that would help someone someday and might save their life.  You could do this and would be a good help since that would lengthen someone life.


It would be best that you call the ambulance after performing some first aid treatment since the ambulance would be the one that would be carrying the patient to the hospital. They would not go somewhere else as they are focuses on saving someone’s life.  If they go somewhere else then there might be a chance that the patient would die.  If the patient dies then there would be fire from the hospital as they’re not doing their job right.  That is the reason, why it is so important that you are focus on your job as you can’t do it right if you are doing something else.


IN this game, you would be driving the ambulance out of the road, but the problem is that there are other car on the road and they are blocking the road.  What you need to do is to remove the other car on the road and make it free for the ambulance to drive. You  would b controlling other cars and maneuvering it to clear the road.  Once, you are done with one car, you need to control another and do the same thing till there are no more car blocking the driveway.  Only after that, that you are able to drive the ambulance without it hitting anything along the way.