Valet Parking 2

If you want to secure a job, you need to do your best in your job. You can’t slack off and let someone do it for you. You can’t rely on them since they have jobs to do as well.  You are paid to the job so you need to be responsible.   It’s been months since you have secured a job as a chauffeur, now you need to prove your worth to the company.  Sure, it is not a high paying job, but overtime you might get a raise or get a better position if you work hard.  Only by working hard enough would help you secure your future.   You need to remember that someone would want to be on your shoe.


It is your job to park the car carefully to where the owner would want to see it.  As long as the parking space is open then you can do it.  You need to park it carefully as you don’t want to damage it. For sure, that damage car would result to your termination or some fine.  You would be lucky with a fine, but that is for starters.  For sure, you would get scolded and if you can’t do your job correctly, you would lose it.


In this game, you need to park the car carefully to the parking space. It have some numbers, so you need to park it there, so you won’t get confused when you are going to look for it later.   When the owner gets out of the building, he would look for his car and it is your job to hand it to them.  You would get paid afterwards, but you would lose some money when you cause some damage to the car.  The game gets harder and more difficult as you make some progress.