Wheelie Legend

To be hailed as a legend means that you are something and that your name would be forever be inscribe on other people’s mind.  Now, sure that would be cool, but sometimes it depends on the type of person that would get inspired because of you.  If you are able to inspire someone that pushes themselves to their limit, well that means something.  Otherwise, you have done nothing if you just do it to brag.  There are two kind of people in this world, those who strive to be the best and those who look up to those people that are trying to carve their name.  Surely, you would want to be the inspiration since you would influence others.  When you influence others that is the time that you would make some big bucks since they would buy any merchandise that you sell.


Now, all of your life, you strive to be the best and so, you spend countless hours to practice. Sure, it is not easy, but the time that you spend practicing would be worth it once you become an inspiration to other people.   You would be their hero and that is something that you want to achieve and that inspire you to practice more.


In this game, the idea is to do a wheelie.  If you don’t have an idea on what is that then you need to know that it is one of the many exhibition that you can do with a bike.  Many tried that, but most of them get hurt doing that. It is not easy and it looks cool once that you have done it.  You need to get hurt first before you can become good at it.  Fortunately, you don’t’ have to experience that in this game.  When you have done a perfect wheelie then you would have move on to another level.