Wheely 8

Wheely is now happily married with his longtime girlfriend.  Since they have been together for a long time, the two of them need to go out sometime as they need to rekindle their love.  Hopefully that would help their relationship to flourish.  They decided to have a picnic outdoors, but what turns out to be a perfect picnic becomes an adventure for them as they saw a flying saucer.   It crash landed next to their camp and the alien is asking for help.  He wants to go home, but the problem is that his ride is broken and he would need some replacement for it. Since he can’t go outside to search for help, he ask Wheely to retrieve the parts for him.



Wheely can’t say no since the stranger doesn’t know what to do and his wife ask him to do it for the stranger.  He knows that he have no option, but to help the aliens to get the parts for them.  Wheely knows that this would not be easy since every adventure has some problem within it.  He would need to go an adventure and be able to retrieve the parts for them.   This kind of adventure doesn’t guarantee that he would succeed in finding the parts, but he would need to try.



In this game, the idea is to get to the end of the story and you would be guided accordingly.  You have to accomplish each task to be able to move on.   This is a thinking game and you would need to figure it out how to get to the other side. On a side note, you need to find the small car and the wheel on each level, but it is not a requirement since it is just a side quest.  The game gets harder and the adventure escalates.